“Hello World!”

Believe it or not, but this is my first blog posting, and my life is about to change forever. You may ask why? Because I suddenly found myself in the big and bright spotlight. On March 8th I was elected as a new member of 2010 – 2012 SEMPO’s Board of Directors (thanks so much to everybody who voted for me!). This event was my best present to the 10th anniversary of my professional career in online industry. Suddenly I started to feel a lot of attention to myself from many people in the online world. I guess everybody is wondering “Who is this guy? Where he came from?” Well, many people checked my profile on LinkedIn already, but I think it’s time to tell a little bit more about myself through this blog and use it as an online dairy to share my experience as a search marketing specialist, as a one of the Directors of SEMPO Board, and just as a person with many interests in his life.

Looking back, I can’t say my way to this point was an easy one. I put a lot of efforts since I moved to Canada to get education and experience, to establish myself in this challenging field. I was working on many complex online projects in several highly competitive industries like pharmaceutical, tourism and sports. I always try to look at the big picture because I am able to fill the gap between web development, traditional and online forms of marketing which still exists after more than a decade of online business existence.

Currently I am working at Tourism British Columbia, which will be part of BC’s Ministry of the Tourism, Culture and the Art on the April 1st. It is going to be a big change for everybody in our office, but I hope transition will be smooth and we will continue to work hard to promote beautiful British Columbia as a premier travel destination.

Now I look at my future as even more busy than it was before, but I am ready for this test.

I hope to see SEMPO growing as a respectful professional organization among other business organizations and I am going to put in my time as a volunteer to make a real contribution to this organization.

I am passionate about Search Engine Marketing industry and I believe in great future of SEM that becomes an incredibly important part of any company or organization that want to succeed and prosper.

I strongly believe that in last few years search marketing expanded far beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing because it incorporates the best and most effective principles of marketing: flexibility, speed of implementation, cost effectiveness and measurability.  The Web allows each business to communicate with customers directly through each stage of an interaction or purchase decision.

Search engine marketer’s work is getting more and more complex as it combines new emerging kinds of media, many technical tools, and knowledge of usability testing and result measurement.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you will find my future postings useful and interesting to read. You can send me your feedback or questions at dminenko@shaw.ca .



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