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RuNet 2012: Unprecedented Online Market Growth In Russia Continues

Published on July 16, 2012 By admin

­ Today I want to share some numbers for 2011 and fresh data reported from different sources for 2012 that shows unprecedented, double digit growth of RuNet, Russian Internet eco-system, and what potential it presents to those who are willing to conquer this very attractive market. Unfortunately, this year I wasn’t able to go to […]

Three busy days at RIF+KIB 2011, major Internet event in Russia

Published on May 8, 2011 By admin

I just came back from Moscow after spending three days at the RIF+KIB 2011, the biggest Internet conference in Russia. It was a very interesting experience, I have learned a lot about the Russian Internet industry and particularly about online marketing business there, and met a lot of great people. About 7,000 people attended this […]